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Welcome To J & A Business World

MD’S Message

As I look ahead I am excited and proud about the progress that J&A Group has made after crossing a decade. As the Managing Director of J&A Group, I take commitment to make sure that every Client and customers receives an outstanding Service from J&A Group. I would like to thank all our clients, customers, staffs and well wishers for supporting and guiding us since 2001.

J&A Group’s growth has been made by our customers and clients. We have attained excellent relationship with our clients through our committed service, transparency and performance. Our Organization has made an excellent progress through its planned strategies. In the future, our goal is to innovate ourselves in the best possible manner so as to serve and provide an outstanding service to our clients and customers. Thus enabling us to cross many more milestones.

I firmly believe that our organization can achieve new heights in the coming years and that we could also take a major part in contributing to the nation’s economic growth. As technology evolves continuously communication, protocols and options evolve. We wish to keep our communication meaningful and easily accessible by providing information properly.

A Crowd is a group of people with no focus or direction who are unconnected with no support for each other. A community means the opposite .I believes our organization to be a community rather than a crowd because we, the management and staffs are working for a common good. 

The team of J&A Group is young, dynamic and is always ready to take the challenges in this competitive world. Empowerment and Growth remains as our driving factors.  Thanking you for all the support extended and anticipate the same support in future endeavors.  With Regards and Best Wishes.

Thanking you for all the support extended and anticipate the same support in future endeavors.

With Regards and Best Wishes

Managing Director

Our passion is in making, our expertise is in engineering. From startups to Fortune 500s, we consult on product testing and design for mass production.