Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada is a country which has shown tremendous economic growth in the past few years owing to the factor that the country has been having an increased immigration count the past decade. The country has a huge number of skilled workers present and is still taking in skilled workers from all parts of the world who has the potential to contribute to the development of the Canadian economy. The Federal Skilled Worker Program, also known as the Canada Skilled worker program is one way through which the Canadian government calls skilled people to immigrate!

What is the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program?

The Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canada Skilled Worker Program aims to bring in talented and skilled individuals into Canada who will be assessed and selected based on their education, experience, age, language proficiency and other such factors.

How Can an Individual Migrate Under Federal Skilled Worker Program?

An individual to migrate under the Canada Skilled Worker Program should have to follow certain steps. All individuals who want to migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program should create an Express Entry Profile after meeting all the necessary requirements. Draws are held every fortnight or so and the applicants with the highest CRS scores receive an Invitation to Apply after which he/she can carry out the further procedures.
Who is Eligible to Apply for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program?
The Canada Skilled Worker Program requires the individual to meet certain requirements in order to be considered eligible. Below listed are the requirements an applicant has to meet in order to migrate under the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Benefits Of Migrating To Canada Under The Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • The candidate once when migrated to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program becomes free to work anywhere & anytime as per their choice.
  • Once the immigrant has completed 3 years of his/her stay in Canada, they become eligible to apply for a Canadian Citizenship.
  • The applicant can make use of the Healthcare & Education Subsidies he/she gets on migrating under the Federal Skilled Program.
  • The immigrant will be exposed to a lot of benefits like claims & pensions when he/she migrates under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

The Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program is an ideal immigration program for individuals who have skilled experience & talent. The Canadian Government is looking for optimistic & skilled people who could contribute to the positive growth of the economy! Feel free to get in touch with our team of immigration experts to know more about the Federal Skilled Worker Program and check your eligibility to migrate to Canada for free!

Skilled Work Experience

The individual in order to migrate under the Canada Skilled Worker Program should have at least one year of work experience in the relevant field, not to mention the fact that his/her occupation should be mentioned in the National Occupational List of Canada. He/she should have worked in a full-time job (at least 30 hours per week). The NOC job groups are listed below:

    • Managerial jobs (skill type 0)
    • Professional jobs (skill level A)
    • Technical jobs & Skilled trades (skill level B)

and the applicant should have his/her job listed in any of the category mentioned above.


If the applicant has studied in Canada, he/she should have a degree or diploma from a Canadian secondary or post-secondary school. If the applicant has foreign education, he/she should get a complete Educational Credential Assessment report. This shows that the applicant’s education is equal to a diploma or degree from Canadian institutions.

Language Ability

Language is one important ability the applicant has to meet if he/she wants to migrate to Canada in any of the immigration programs. The applicant has to prove his/her language proficiency skills in English or French by taking up examinations and procuring necessary marks.

Proof of Funds

The applicant migrating to Canada should produce proof that he/she has enough money to take care of themselves and their family migrating to Canada.


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