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Jewel” of a Mediterranean island and the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus combine a rich cultural and archaeological heritage with great natural beauty and a welcoming population. Every applicants who are intending to study in Cyprus must have completed a secondary level education or the equivalent of twelve years of schooling to get admission in the undergraduate level or Bachelors level, similarly the students must have to complete the undergraduate level education or Bachelors level Education to get admission for the post graduate level.

School of Business:
· Culinary Arts.
· Computer Studies.
· Office Administration
· Business Administration.
· Hospitality & Tourism Management.
Admissions Requirements :

International Admissions Application
Completed High School with minimum 50%
English Language Proficiency :
Proof of Funding – Bank Statements /    Employer letter / Sponsor Letter
 Tuition Fees
4200 Euros onwards
+500 Euros Visa extension

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