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Immigration to UK

Immigration to UK

The UK offers a wide range of UK immigration, UK residency, UK naturalization, UK work permit and UK visa options. A UK work permit and UK HSMP Visa are two of the work permit categories that count towards a future UK residency application.

One of the most popular forms of immigration to the UK is the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme ( HSMP UK). This allows you to enter the UK before finding a job and means that you do not need a UK employer to sponsor your work permit. This is a points based system .One of the biggest advantages offered by the UK HSMP Visa (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme) is that it is effectively a UK work permit that allows you to work in the UK for any employer. Naturally, with an employer sponsored UK work permit you can only work for the employer that sponsors your

work permit in the UK.
If you have a job offer from a UK Employer then you should consider an Employer Sponsored UK Work Permit. An employer sponsored UK work permit will allow you to work for that employer for up to 5 years and counts towards UK residency in the same way that the UK HSMP Visa does.

UK Work Permit Information for Employees

There are many ways by which you can live and work in the UK. Not all of them need you to have a job offer before getting a UK Work Permit or Visa. You are a valuable commodity and rules are changing all the time to help your move. Your family are of course also most welcome and can enjoy the same benefits as you in the UK.
A UK Work Permit in the UK is usually obtained by a company sponsoring an employee. We can assist with this Work Permit process if you already have a UK employer that is prepared to make you a job offer. If you already have a job offer from a UK employer then please feel free to contact us for more information about gaining a UK Work Permit.
The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme ( UK HSMP Visa ) was created where by you can come to the UK to look for work rather than having to find it first without being here. You will need to be highly skilled and should assess yourself to see if you have the minimum 65 points required ( with all associated supporting evidence ) to qualify for the HSMP visa. You are not tied to a single sponsoring employer and can also work for yourself as self employed.

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