Quebec Immigration Point System

Quebec Immigration Point System

When an applicant wishes to migrate to Quebec, he/she is checked for eligibility under the Quebec immigration point system. The Quebec immigration point system has its own set of requirements for a candidate to migrate to Quebec which determines whether an individual to can migrate to Quebec or not.

The selection grid factors for Quebec immigration point system gives a clear idea of how the applicants are assessed by the migration system. Quebec follows a selection procedure which is different from the rest of the provinces. The candidates processed under Quebec immigration Point System are issued a Quebec selection certificate prior to acceptance of the application by the Citizenship and Immigration System of Canada.

Selection Factors In The Quebec Immigration Point System

The purpose of the Quebec immigration Point System is to determine the eligibility of an applicant based on his/her profile and their skills & potential to adapt to the fast development of the province.

The applicant is generally assessed on the following factors:

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Age
  • Language Skills
  • Valid Employment
1. Education:

Only degrees obtained before applying a visa will be considered for calculating points. The candidate must make sure he/she follows the same.

2. Work Experience: –

The candidate/applicant should have at least a year’s experience. It could be either full time or part time or an internship program. The candidate should have worked in the relevant field to their area of study within five years before the application is being processed.

3. Age: –

The applicant should be aged above 17.

4. Language Skills: –

Candidates who have efficient French & English Language skills will be given preference for Quebec immigration.

5. Valid Employment:

Possessing a valid employment offer from a Quebec employer will gain you extra points and help you gain an edge when it comes to points calculation.

Types Of Quebec Immigration Programs

The candidates can choose from various Quebec Immigration Programs based on their purpose to migrate to Quebec. Listed below are some of the Quebec Immigration Programs.

1. Quebec Skilled Worker Program: –

The applicant/candidates who wish to migrate under this program are processed by the Quebec immigration point system which determines the eligibility criteria of the candidate. The candidate should be able to contribute to the growth of the Quebec economy.

2. Business Immigrants: –

Applicants who have the potential to contribute financially to the development of the province prefer to migrate under the Business Immigration program. Once the process of verification has been completed, the candidate gets a CSQ certificate.

3. Quebec Family Class: –

A Canadian citizen or a permanent resident settled in Canada will be eligible to bring their families into the province of Quebec by sponsoring them.

4. Quebec Experience Class: –

The Quebec Experience Class suites best for people who have already worked or studies in Quebec for a considerable period of time. Individuals who want to stay back in Quebec can make use of this immigration program.

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Quebec Immigration Assessment

Quebec, without a doubt, is gradually turning out to be a favorite immigration place for people around the world. The Canadian province has within it a huge number of benefits for its immigrants. Though there are a number of immigration programs that Quebec has to offer, an individual should go under the process of Quebec Immigration Assessment to know the detailed procedures of how to migrate to Quebec.

What Is Quebec Immigration Assessment?

Immigrating to a different country requires a lot of procedures to be followed and requirements to be met. An individual, before migrating to Quebec, should know under which program he/she is capable to migrate. Under the Quebec Immigration Assessment, we collect the client’s information, assess the details and assist the client and make him/her understand what they have to do further in order to migrate to Quebec.

What We Do Under The Quebec Immigration Assessment Process:

Quebec is a province that has a specific set of immigration rules that no other Canadian province follows. We make sure that we assess the details and help the applicant immigrate to Quebec provided he/she meets all the eligibility requirements.

  • We collect client’s details and check whether he/she is eligible to migrate to Quebec.
  • We make sure that we understand the motive and interests of the client to migrate to Quebec and offer personalized advice as to what is good and what is not.
  • We help the client do the necessary procedures to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate because obtaining a CSQ is the first step to migrate to Canada.
  • On receiving the Quebec Selection Certificate, we further assist with the pre and post-departure procedures.
  • We also help in obtaining a Canadian PR Visa provided the applicant fulfills all the necessary conditions.

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Quebec Immigration Assessment Categories

1. Skilled Labour Class: –

An individual should be able to migrate to Quebec under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program if he/she meets the requirements. Once the applicant meets the requirements, he/she has to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate in order to migrate to Quebec. Obtaining a Quebec Selection Certificate is the first step to migrate to Quebec.

2. Quebec Business Immigration: –

An individual can migrate to Quebec with the intention to settle down and start up a new business or acquire an existing business. The individual must have a high net worth obtained legally and should be a part of the business management.

3. Family Class Sponsorship: –

Canadian Permanent Residents who are aged above 18 become eligible to sponsor their family members & relatives which includes spouse, dependent children & more who lives outside the country. The bottom line is relatives of Canadian PR holders get to migrate to Canada under the Family Class Sponsorship Program.

4. Trade Worker Immigration: –

Individuals who wish to become a part of a trade job in a Canadian province will also be processed under the Federal Skills Trade Program. The Trade Worker Immigration Program is applicable for Quebec Immigration and eligible candidates will get a chance to immigrate & settle in Quebec.

5. Work Visa: –

Canadian Employers in order to employ an individual from other nations should first obtain an option regarding the Canadian Labour Market from the Human Resources and Skills Development. An immigrant can work in Quebec only if the HSRDC grants permission. Likewise, an individual who has received an employment offer from an employer is required to get approval from the HSRDC to immigrate.

Quebec Migration Occupation List

Quebec has released the revised occupation list in 2015 and from January 18, 2016, Quebec accepts more than two thousand eight hundred applications under its skilled worker program. The QSWP includes more than seventy-five acceptable occupations and area of training that will enable the candidates to obtain the Quebec selection certificate without a recognized job offer. The area of training includes diverse fields of education that provides the points to applicant and the spouse or common-law partner for the diploma that has been obtained inside or outside Quebec or equivalent to Quebec education. The QSWP focuses on selecting the candidate with high financial capability. The foreign applicants willing to become a permanent resident in Quebec should undergo two steps of the immigration process.

  • The candidates are accepted through government of immigration, society and inclusion, Quebec immigration authority. The selected applicants will receive the Quebec selection certificate.
  • The candidate who owns the Quebec selection certificate should furnish an application with Canadian federal immigration authorities. The federal government will accept the candidate profile based on the health-care problems and criminality.

The following are the partial reference to the high demand occupation list for the candidates applying outside Canada

  • Banking, credit and other investment managers 0122
  • Human resources managers 0112
  • Engineering mangers 0211
  • Computer and information systems manager 0213
  • Administrators post-secondary and vocational training 0421
  • Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers 0611
  • Manufacturing Managers 0911
  • Financial Auditors and Accountants 1111
  • Financial and Investment Analysts 1112
  • Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers 1113
  • Other financial officers 1114
  • Human Resources professionals 1121
  • Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting 1122
  • Human Resources and Recruitment officers 1223
  • Assessors, Valuators and Appraisers 1314
  • Physicists and Astronomers 2111
  • Geoscientists and Oceanographers 2113
  • Biologists and Related Scientists 2121
  • Civil Engineer 2131
  • Mechanical Engineers 2132
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2133
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers 2141
  • Aerospace Engineers 2146
  • Computer Engineers Except Software Engineers and Designers 2147
  • Other Professional Engineers, n.e.c 2148
  • Information Systems Analysts and Consultants 2171
  • Database Analysts and Data Administrators 2172
  • Software Engineers and Designers 2173
  • Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers 2174
  • Web Designers and Developers 2175
  • Chemical Technologists and Technicians 2211
  • Biological Technologists and Technicians 2221
  • Agricultural and Fish Products Inspectors 2222
  • Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians 2231
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians 2232
  • Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technologists and Technicians 2233
  • Construction Estimators 2234
  • Architectural Technologists and Technicians 2251
  • Industrial Designers 2252
  • Drafting Technologists and Technicians 2253
  • Inspectors in Public and Environmental Health and Occupational health & Safety 2263
  • Construction Inspectors 2264
  • Computer Network Technicians 2281
  • User Support Technicians 2282
  • Systems Testing Technicians 2283
  • Head Nurses and Supervisors 3151
  • Registered Nurses 3152
  • Medical Radiation Technologists 3215
  • Medical Sonographers 3216
  • Opticians 3151
  • Licensed Practical Nurses 3233
  • Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment 3237
  • College and Other Vocational Instructors 4131
  • Psychologists 4151
  • Business Development Officers and Marketing Researchers and Consultants 4163
  • Social Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers 4164
  • Other Professional Occupations in Social Science, n.e.c. 4169
  • Community and Social Service Workers 4212
  • Librarians 5111
  • Archivists 5113
  • Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters 5125
  • Library and Public Archive Technicians 5211
  • Graphic Arts Technicians 5223
  • Graphic Designers and Illustrators 5241
  • Technical Sales Specialists Wholesale Trade 6221
  • Sales Representatives – Wholesale Trade Non-Technical 6411
  • Machinists and Machining and Tooling Inspectors 7231
  • Tool and Die Makers 7232
  • Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics 7312
  • Machine Fitters 7316
  • Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors 7315
  • Supervisors, food, beverage and associated products processing 9213
  • Supervisors, Plastic and Rubber Products Manufacturing 9214
  • Supervisors, Motor Vehicle Assembling 9221
  • Supervisors, Electronics Manufacturing 9222
  • Supervisors, Electrical Products Manufacturing 9223
  • Supervisors, other Mechanical and Metal Products Manufacturing 9226
  • Supervisors, Other Products Manufacturing and Assembly 9227
  • Chemical Plant Machine Operators 9421
  • Machining Tool Operators 9511

When To Request For Quebec Administrative Review?

  • The government of Quebec reviews applications of the candidates thoroughly and a candidate may be elected or rejected based on several factors.
  • An extensive research on immigration procedures is imperative. However, there are times when even after a thorough research you miss out on certain factors during your application procedure. This lead to a rejected application. At times like this, you can opt for Quebec administrative review.
  • If accepted, you shall receive a confirmation email inclusive of your accepted application, and an envelope with Quebec selection certificate which must send to the sponsored person.
  • However, if that is not the case, then your application has been denied. You will then receive a rejection letter specifying the reasons for your application refusal.
  • You can then submit a request for a Quebec administrative review of a decision to refuse your application for a Québec selection or acceptance certificate.
Reasons For Quebec Immigration Rejection

An application can be rejected for several reasons and the candidates might have to choose for a Quebec administrative review. Possible intention to reject Quebec immigration are below:

  • Social support: If you receive a social support and you are not obligating to the condition.
  • Criminality or sexual offense: If you are found guilty for a criminal or sexual offense against a person/one among your family member in Canada.
  • If a candidate does not obtain social benefits from Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity as per the rules, the candidate’s profile is rejected until or unless you provide the reasons for reimbursed dues.
  • If a candidate has refused to accept the judgments issued for their alimony obligations, for the past five years.
  • If a candidate is financially incapable and or if your income becomes insufficient and does not comply to the initial financial requirements of Quebec immigration.
  • Other reasons maybe you are rejected or targeted by the refusal order by immigration and refugee protection act.
  • If the person accompanying you do not belong to the family class.
  • If you do not submit all the required documents or have failed to produce the supported documents necessary to proceed with your application
The Quebec Immigration Appeal Process
  • Once your application is rejected, the counselor provides the explanation notice stating the purpose of application refusal and the required list of missing documents from Quebec selection certificate application.
  • Candidate receives sixty days of time duration for furnishing the requested documents. If the candidate fails to produce the proof on the given time-frame, the application will be rejected without prior notification.
  • Candidates can then request for administrative review Quebec
Key Facts Of Quebec Administrative Review
  • For your application of Quebec administrative review, to be assessed and reviewed, you must specify all the elements you consider were improperly assessed.
  • You must indicate what the legal, factual or clerical error is.
  • If required, you must enclose all the documents or information that are not already in your file, to support your request for the Quebec administrative review.
  • Make sure, you do not send the original copies of documents, unless indicated otherwise, since the documents submitted for Quebec administrative review, since it will not be returned.
  • The request for Quebec administrative review must be signed and a photocopy of the letter of refusal must be attached along with it. Other documents required for Quebec administrative review must also be included.
  • The request for Quebec administrative review is received by the ministry within 90 days from the date of requesting.
  • Any documents sent after the 90 days’ time frame are not accepted.
  • Be sure to write ‘ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW’ on the first page of your request to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • You shall receive an acknowledgment receipt within 30 days of receipt request, provided your Quebec administrative review request was complete and had fulfilled all the requirements.

If that is not the case, then you shall receive a letter specifying the reason for denial of the Quebec administrative review process.


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