Nursing as a profession

Nursing as a profession

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All nurses and midwives seeking employment in the United Kingdom must register with the NMC. The NMC register is divided into three sections.​



The nurse part of the register is divided into four fields of practice

  • Adult nursinG
  • Mental health nursing  
  • Children’s nursing
  • Learning disabilities nursing

you can apply to be on the nurses or midwives parts of the register, as long as you meet our standards. If you’ve trained as a general nurse, you should apply for registration with NMC as an adult nurse. If you want to register on more than one part of the register or field of practice, you should apply for each part/field at the same time. Once you’re registered, you can work in the National Health Service (NHS) or private health care.

Salary and Benefits at a High Level

The term “competitive pay” refers to employers who pay salaries that are equal to or greater than the industry standard for equivalent jobs in the same geographical area. There are other tempting incentives, such as a relocation package, paid maternity leave, free travel tickets, and free temporary housing, among others.

Possibilities for Professional Growth

Employee motivation and productivity are increased as a result of career development. Paying close attention to career development can help Trusts to attract top talent and retain valuable workers. NHS provide various career advancement opportunities for the nurses like free higher education, paid leave and more to assist their employees in their professional development and growth.

Employers And Employment Opportunities

A pinned nurse can find work in a variety of settings in the United Kingdom. Nurses can choose to work for a variety of Trusts and private care homes. An opportunity to work with world-class premier institutions while gaining valuable experience. When starting off, working with Trusts will be the best option, whereas for more experienced workers, private care homes are the best alternative. Without any restrictions, recruiting an endless number of nurses every year would open up a wide range of opportunities for qualified nurses all around the world. Since most of the positions offered by the employer are permanent, job security is guaranteed, making it easier to prepare ahead.

Respected and valued for your abilities

To be valued is that you are recognised and appreciated for your contribution to the NHS. It implies that they are concerned about you and your feelings. It implies that they do not denigrate you and that your achievements are not regarded as insignificant. Skill of each resource is valued and appreciated at NHS.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (or) Settlement

Having lived in the United Kingdom for five years without interruption, you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, sometimes known as ‘Settlement’. Once you have obtained ILR, you will no longer be required to be sponsored by your company.

Better Quality of Life for your Family

When compared to the vast majority of other countries, our level of life is significantly greater. In addition to a wide variety of employment prospects for the partner, there are excellent free educational opportunities for the children. An opportunity to live a life of distinction while also receiving international exposure is presented by this opportunity. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve financial independence and family

Further Leave to Remain

You will be able to apply for FLR to extend your stay in the UK for an additional two years after completing three years of continuous residence in the UK. However, some employers have agreed to cover the cost of a visa extension, so be sure to check with yours before assuming anything. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for all fees incurred by you and any dependents. A new COS will be required by your workplace.


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